April 2018


On Thursday April 12th, everyone at AMJ Campbell came together in our favorite sports jerseys to remember those who have been greatly affected by the accident involving the Humbolt Hockey Team. We would like to send out our support to everyone, and we all proudly wore our jerseys that day.
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March 2018

Home Decorating Trends of 2018

Even if you're not planning to move in the near future, chances are you are going to want to make sure you home is decorated well and makes you feel comfortable and happy. We have found a great list of the 2018 decor trends (according to anyway)!1. Lavender is the new it color this year, it will add a calming touch to any room. We suggest some lavender colored bed sheets to inspire a full nights sleep!2. High Contrast Pallets! Choose one (or two) bold colors to use as acce...
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Ensuring you choose a reputable mover

Moving can be stressful, and it is made even more stressful when you have to factor in the potential of being taken advantage of by a rouge mover. It seems as though each day we are hearing of more and more individuals who have had all of their possessions held hostage, or disappearing entirely and as a reputable moving company this is frustrating. Companies like this are giving the moving industry a rough time, and causing much undo concern when people deal with reputable companies. W...
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Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Trade Show

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Trade Show

Yesterday Cindy, one of our Commercial Sales Representatives attended the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Trade Show to mingle with other business in the area! She was able to connect with some wonderful businesses in Edmonton and give them all a better idea of what AMJ Campbell can do for them. Please give us a call at any point, for any of your moving or relocation needs! We have crews dedicated to either household or commercial and office moves, we are also able to offer you everything...
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Organizing your Home Before a Move

If you have lived in your home for a long period of time, the chances are it is much more messy and clutter than you realize, and once you begin to pack your belongings everything can seem so much more overwhelming than you initially realized.We have a couple of tips for you to keep in mind while you prepare your home for a move. Try to organize your belongings as best you can prior to packing. Create three piles: Keep, Throw Away, and Donate. The last thing you need is to move a bunch of belong...
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December 2017

Bikes For Kids 2017

Each year we are lucky enough to help out with a nationwide initiative - Bikes For Kids. For the past couple of years thousands of Bikes have been donated or purchased to pass along to children who may not have access to a new bike otherwise, the timing is excellent to assist these family during the holiday season. Large names like Canadian Tire, Dominion Lending and Runners (plus many more) have come together to continue to make this a complete success for so many years! To learn...
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August 2017
Restocking the Essentials after your move!

Restocking the Essentials after your move!

After you spent all that time getting rid of items you no longer need, packing up everything you own, and relocating to another home… you are finally there!After spending so many days living out of boxes, you finally realize that it might be time to do some shopping and get your pantry all stocked up again – and hopefully you can stop living off take out!Remembering all the basics for each room can be a huge chore, and the likelihood is, you might forget a couple things that are nec...
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Move Day: Safety Tips

Move Day: Safety Tips

If you choose to do your move yourself, or partially yourself there are definitely some safety risks that you need to keep in mind. If you disregard these tips it could lead to serious injury during your move.Your largest pieces of furniture are most likely to give you the most trouble on moving day, and they are typically the most heavy, so we suggest breaking them down into smaller pieces if necessary.  While we strongly believe that hiring a professional moving company is the best course...
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July 2017

Preparing for your move with a pet.

Moving with a pet usually means you have to do a little more research when looking for a new place to move, there are a couple of things we suggest you keep in mind and do before you settle on your new home! For all you know the area you are moving into mandates that all pets much weigh less than 50 lbs or the apartment building you are moving too only allows cats!Schedule a trip to the vet prior to moving:Make sure your pet is up to date with all their vaccinations, medications and you have a c...
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Finding the perfect city for you in Canada.

If you are planning to move into Canada from another country, or just looking to move from somewhere inside of Canada the options are endless! Canada has some amazing cities to discover, and some of them have even ranked high on the worldwide list of the best cities to live in! Depending on what it is you prioritize, Canada has the city for you! Take a look at the list that has created to find the perfect match for you!
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  • Must haves in an Overnight Bag

    Must haves in an Overnight Bag

    Moving across the city, around the corner, or across the country can be stressful and regardless of the distance you are planning to move there could be the potential of needed to live out of bags for...
  • Home Renovation Trends

    Home Renovation Trends

    Home renovations can be a huge undertaking, and the best way to ensure you are making the most of your time spend renovating and the money you have to spend is to choose trends and applications that w...
  • Kitchen Cleaning Tricks

    Kitchen Cleaning Tricks

    The kitchen is one of the most lived in rooms of your home and so it’s bound to be one of the dirtiest rooms in your home as well!Keep is clean easily and quickly with these few tips.Stone count...
  • Knowing Your Rights as a Customer

    Knowing Your Rights as a Customer

    Once you have booked a move with a moving company, some of the stress can be over but it is also tough to know what your rights are once you have hired a moving company. You should always feel comfort...
  • Moving a Cluttered Home

    Moving a Cluttered Home

    If you have lived in your home for a long period of time, the chances are it is much more messy and clutter than you realize, and once you begin to pack your belongings everything can seem so much mor...
  • Reusing Cardboard Boxes

    Reusing Cardboard Boxes

    Anyone that has moved before can attest to the number of boxes they have left over after they finish their move, and the hardest part is trying to figure out how to get rid of them or how to repurpose...
  • Best Restaurants in Edmonton

    Avenue Edmonton posted their annual ‘Best Of” list on their website in February, so we thought we’d give you the lowdown and our thoughts on their favorite restaurants in the city.Wh...
  • Best Plants in an Apartment!

    Best Plants in an Apartment!

    When living in an apartment building it can be hard to fulfill your wishes to have a garden, or even to keep plants alive if you are in a portion of the building that does not get a lot of sunlight &n...

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