Preventing Floods in Your Home
07 April 2017

Preventing Floods in Your Home

Spring time means warmer weather, birds chirping, animals coming out to play, snow melting, and the potential for basement flooding! We’ve got a couple tips to help keep your basement from becoming a swimming pool!

Focus on preventing the possibility of a flood – even before you encounter a flood on your property you should be taking a look to see if there are ways to prevent the possibility of a flood. Try extending your rain gutters and make sure your yard surface slopes away from your home.

Keep your rain gutter free of debris. After all the leaves have fallen from the trees clean them from your gutters. Clogged rain gutters send water directly to the foundation of your home.

The next time there is heavy rainfall, take a look around the outside of your home to see if water is collecting close to the foundation or if any water flow is directed towards your home instead of away from it.

If possible have a back up generator to provide the energy needed for your furnace, electric heat, well, fridge and other necessary systems. In the event that your home loses power while you are not there the generator will kick in and keep the basement from flooding, pipes freezing or flooding septic tanks.

Installing a sump pump is a great way to keep any water leakage from normal amounts of rain from building up inside your home. It will act as a large floor drain, and the water will drain through.

In the event that flooding does occur, make sure you have flood coverage in your insurance policy.


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