31 March 2017

Controlling Your Moving Costs

Focus on the actual moving expenses – if you are able to, find out what your estimate moving costs will be a couple of months prior to your move so you are able to fit this cost into your budget. If you take the time to create a personal moving budget it will help you distribute the costs evenly and appropriately and will also keep you from spending too much money without realizing it.

Select the best time to move out – if you have any sort of flexibility with your move out and move in date, there is a chance you might be able to work out a cheaper moving strategies with the moving company you choose. Typically the off seasons (September through May) are cheaper than moving throughout the summer months, and the companies will likely have more flexibility with your dates. Another quick tip is to avoid moving on holidays, weekends or the beginning of the month.

Saving time is saving money – keep yourself and your house organized during your move to end up saving huge amounts of time in the long run. Create a calendar and a to do list so that moving day does not catch you by surprise and you feel prepared and ready.

Do your homework – find out what typical rates are, especially if you plan on moving across the country. If you are planning to move within the same city, do some research about hourly rates and the quality of moving companies. Even if the hourly rate is really cheap, the moving company could be slow and inexperienced! Have the moving specialists go over their capabilities and skill level of movers!

Move less stuff – if you are doing a large move really long distances this could end up costing you a whole lot more than you planned to move. If you are able to part with items and downsize a little bit, this will end up saving you money since a lot of cross country and long distance moves are based on the weight of your goods. If you decided to part with some items, sell them to make a bit of extra money. People are always looking for second hand items that are still in good condition!

Be smart about your packing supplies – these can end up being a huge expense when moving. Boxes can be quite pricey so check with moving companies to see what sort of deals you are able to get with pre-used moving boxes. Keep in mind if you are just moving short distances, you can also use baskets, bags suitcases and trash cans to pack some items!

Check to see if you are eligible for a tax deduction – once your move is complete, you may be able to claim some of the moving costs on your taxes for the year. Check with the revenue website for the country you will be filing your taxes with!


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