Moving Delicate Items
24 March 2017

Moving Delicate Items

Moving requires a ton of coordination and preparation, and throughout that process there are some items that can be forgotten about. These are some items that we feel require some extra attention and care while moving – just to ensure they make it in one piece!

Plants: when you move a plant, you have think about it in the way that you are basically moving a large container of dirt which can cause some issues. If you add in a move during the winter time (especially in Alberta) you’ve got to add in the potential of extreme weather conditions and this will make things even more difficult.
Our Relocation Specialists will mention during a home estimate that they best way to move your plants with a guarantee that nothing will happen is to take them to your new home yourself. Since our trucks are not heated or cooled the temperature can fluctuate pretty dramatically, and we know that your plants are important to you and it is unlikely you will want to leave them behind. The last thing we want to see happen is delivery of damaged or dead plants.
The best way to move them is in a large plastic container (especially if they are potted in large, heavy and delicate pots). We suggest you transplant them a couple of weeks prior to your move in order to give them a chance to settle in.

Pianos: they are heavy, challenging and temperamental. Although they are typically quite big, they are filled with tiny pieces and parts inside that can be easily damaged during transport. Some individuals will opt to leave their piano behind in a large move, but we certainly understand if you don’t feel that this is an option for you – we would suggest that you contact a professional moving company to discuss the safest way to transport your piano. If you are not able to hire an outside contractor for your piano there is always a risk that you could injure yourself, the individuals helping you, or the piano during the move.

Fish Tanks: most people realize that these are difficult to move. They are large, heavy, and filled with water! Similar to house plants, the fish are not able to handle the conditions fluctuating so much inside the truck, and the water sloshing around can create a very unstable and scary environment for the fish to be in. We suggest emptying the tank almost all the way – leaving some water in the bottom to keep the proper bacteria cultures intact – and transfer the fish into smaller containers or bags. Transport the fish in these smaller containers yourself and when you arrive in your new home set up the fish tank as soon as possible and give the fish some time to acclimate to the new conditions. Keep a close eye on them and help make the transition as easy as possible.

Artwork: a lot of the time these items are either expensive, or carry a large amount of sentimental value and can also be irreplaceable and not repairable so avoiding damage is key. Make sure you wrap the artwork in paper or bubble wrap before the item goes in a carton. Add extra cushion on the sides of the piece so it does not move inside of the box. Make sure to note on the carton that this item is fragile so that anyone coming into contact with your household goods is aware that they need to take some extra precaution.

If you decide not to take on the responsibility of moving these items yourself, AMJ Campbell Edmonton will be happy to assist you! We have packing and moving crews that are highly skilled in these sort of items. Just keep in mind that you will be required to sign waivers in order to protect the moving company from certain liabilities. 

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call and speak to any one of our Sales Consultants.


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