Our Favorite Moving Apps!
17 March 2017

Our Favorite Moving Apps!

If you’re anything like us, you rely on your phone to send you reminders, keep you organized, and keep continuous lists going of all the tasks waiting to be done! Your phone is full of apps to keep you organized and to help you search through the endless information that can be found on the internet! Apps exist for everything these days! Social Media, games, journals, shopping, flyers… anything really! We have also found some really useful apps to help prepare you for moving! We’ve done the leg work and found out which ones will suit your needs the best!

Sortly – this app boasts itself at the Ultimate Organizer App, and we would have to agree. After taking a look through all the options they have we can safely say this app would be excellent at helping you stay organized throughout your entire move! You can do everything from take photos and organize your items in specific folders, label all of your items, keep a backup of items in case your phone goes missing, and export your lists and pictures into a PDF for quick sharing! The app itself is incredibly use friendly and brightly colored to make all of your organizing a breeze!

MagicPlan – this one will help you once you’ve moved into your new home! Organizing furniture in a space can be a pain, spaces always look so much bigger before you start putting furniture in them! This app will measure rooms for you and can help you organize your furniture in a way that makes sense and wont crowd the new rooms.

Moving Checklist Pro – moving is not just about packing your furniture, and calling moving companies for quotes or making sure you don’t forget items in your old home! You’ve got tons of other stuff to remember as well! This app will give you reminders and help generate a list of the million and one things you will need to remember! This app has checklists ready with things like changing your address, getting your mail forwarded, and dropping off your old keys once you have vacated – along with plenty of other things!

Handy – keep an eye on this app, it isn’t currently available in Edmonton but we think it’s great and will take off at any point now! If you’re moving from a rental property and are really hoping to get your full damage deposit back this is the app for you! It allows you to input your location and any services you might need help with… like those pesky little nail/screw holes that need to be filled, or if you really just don’t feel like you have enough time to clean the place enough to please your previous landlord you can find someone to come and help you! Seriously, the name is no joke! This app is so so handy!

And last but not least – AMJ Moving App (we think this one of the absolute best!)

The AMJ app is the ultimate handheld guide to take care of your moving needs! It includes moving checklists, packing tips, a box calculator and a full ecommerce box store so you are able to order any packing supplies right from your phone! Plus, as an extra fun bonus: the AMJ Pop Game! You can use the app in any of the cities an AMJ is located and find the contact information for the nearest AMJ location. You can schedule a visit from one of our moving specialists or just get in contact with someone from the offices who can answer any of the questions you may have.

Have you got any other favorite moving apps? Anything you find handy on a day to day basis that we may have missed? Let us know and we can add it to the list!


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