Spring Cleaning Tips!
10 March 2017

Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring time… that time of year we all decided to clean and organize our homes… again! So often we accumulate so many items that we thought could come in useful, but never did! You also might find that once the weather gets nicer you notice some extra dirt tucked away near the baseboards, or the sun shining on the walls points out a bit of dirt you missed earlier!

Maybe you have other reasons to do a spring cleaning overhaul?

Whatever those reasons may be we have some tips, tricks and reminders about which items you might want to tackle during your upcoming spring cleaning adventures.

Windows – sometimes we forget that they might need a pretty good scrubbing. Use a mixture of soap and warm water to give them a good scrubbing (on the outside as well!) Little extra tip: do them on a cloudy day so you can tell if you’ve missed any spots!

Stainless Steel – it can be pretty tough to keep your appliances looking clean, but we’ve heard that if you use a wax based aerosol spray it can help keep the stainless steel sparkly clean!

Dishwasher & Washing Machine – even though they are appliances you use to keep other things clean, they will need a cleaning cycle themselves every once in a while! Remove any bits of hair or food from the crevices and then run it through a cleaning cycle or two!

Hardwood Floors – experts suggest that you only wet clean your hardwood floor once every couple of months and spot clean in between these times, that will keep the floors from getting water damaged. We agree that is the best way to keep them in excellent condition, but a fresh coat of polish once in awhile we keep them looking extra great!

Closets – these can seem kind of daunting and it can sometimes feel like you have too many clothes to fit in the closet, but if you take some time to go through all your items and donate the pieces you haven’t worn in 6 or more months it can make your closets seem a little less cluttered!

Bedding – it’s a great idea to make sure you wash your sheets and pillowcases every couple of weeks, sometimes we forget that pillows and quilts also need to be washed! If you haven’t done them yet this is a great time to put them through a wash and dry cycle! Just make sure to check the manufacturer tag to ensure they are not something that needs to be dry cleaned!

Walls – they may be vertical, but they still collect dust the same way your furniture does! Give them a quick dust and then wash them down with warm soapy water once or twice a year.

Patio Furniture – with the warmer months coming up you will want to take advantage of the patio furniture. Check the manufacturer tags to find out the best way to clean the cushions and then scrub the rest of it down with warm soapy water to get rid of the ground in dirt before using the garden hose to rinse them off!

Do you have any other tricks when spring cleaning your home? Share them with us, we would love to hear about it!


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