21 February 2017

Selling your home in the winter!

Living in Alberta has its perks for sure… but there is also a downside to Alberta living (well, Canada in general). The long long winter we face can be daunting, and it can make some everyday tasks a bit harder and it can make bigger tasks like selling your home a lot more difficult as well.

We have compiled a couple tips for selling your home in the winter time, we hope you find these tips helpful!

Stage your home – bring in some accents to your home that make the space look bright and inviting. Try plants, or lively pieces of art – maybe even a couple of extra lamps! Create some extra cosiness with layers! Lots of blankets, throw pillows and some rugs will make the space lovely!

Warm it up – keep the heat on in your home, so when people come inside to look around they feel cozy and invited.

Use natural light to your advantage – there is a very limited number of daylight hours in the winter time, so schedule your open houses when the sun is high. Open all the curtains and blinds in your home to allow as much of the fleeting natural light in.

Turn on Lights – if you do happen to have some potential buyers coming in during the evening, make sure have all your lights on beforehand. It will create a much more comforting atmosphere; having lights turned off in homes can make things seem cold and much darker than current residents notice.

Keep your walkway clear – try to keep up with the snowfall in your area and have your walkway freshly shoveled after each snowfall. You will likely have a number of being walking up and down and the path can get very slippery if it isn’t maintained. If you’re having a tough time getting some of the ice off, add a bit of salt or sand for traction!

Try to showcase what your home will look like in the summer – have you got a beautiful backyard? Do you typically have a garden full of flowers and a beautiful patio set on your deck? Try to keep an album full of pictures of your property in the summer available to those looking at your home. This could be the extra incentive someone needs to feel like this would be the perfect home for them!

Don’t let those winter blues keep you from selling your home, and making it look beautiful! If you spend a little extra time taking a look at your home from a buyer’s perspective you will be able to have a successful house sale at any time of the year!

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