September 2016

Monday Moving Tips - Ladies, this one is for you!

In the midst of moving we typically forget some of the smaller details because the big picture of moving and entire household gets a bit overwhelming, but for a lot of ladies there is nothing worse than unpacking your cosmetics to find a lot of them have broken during the jostling of boxes. In order to keep your eyeshadows, and face powders looking their best and maintaining their shape we suggest that you take an extra cotton ball or pad on top of the powder before you close the container. This...
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Monday Moving Tips - Labeling Your Boxes

At AMJ Campbell we strive to do everything to make your move go as smoothly as possible, and if you choose to hire our outstanding packers we will take the time to carefully pack your boxes and beyond that we will label them appropriately to aid our moving crews when it comes time to unload into your new home. However, if you do decide to opt out of packing we have a couple of hints to make sure your move goes smoothly! Pack similar items together. Pack certain rooms together ie: kitchen items a...
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Monday Moving Tips - Arriving in your new home.

We know that the last thing you'd like to think about during the first couple of weeks in your new home is cleaning, so we suggest you give the messiest rooms in your home a good cleaning before you start unpacking. Even better, if you are able to gain access to your new home a couple of days before moving in take a bit of time to go through and scrub the bathroom and kitchen! Especially if you are moving into a place that has been lived in prior to your takeover. It may seem like a bit of extra...
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August 2016

Monday Moving Tips - Packing your Breakables

AMJ Campbell is happy to pack all of your items for you, or just your breakables, or just certain rooms of your house - we will customize a move specifically to your needs - but if you choose to pack your items yourself we have a couple tips for you to make things a bit easier! Packing can be a huge chore, and there are times where you find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of things you have to get done in the short amount of time you have allotted yourself. However, if you like the idea of ...
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Monday Moving Tips - Overnight Bag

You can be the most prepared person in the entire world, but still find that you do not have time to unpack every box in your home once you have moved into your new place! Even when you hire AMJ Campbell move day can be a long day, so we suggest you pack an overnight back with the essentials! That way, you don't have to root through a bunch of boxes just to find some pajamas. Here is our top 10 items for the perfect overnight bag to provide the best comforts in your new home on your first night:...
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Monday Moving Tips - Start your Unpacking

As much as we would all like to believe that once the hard part of moving everything over to your new home is done, that the whole moving process is done! Unfortunately not! You've gotta unpack! If you are just like one of the many other people who are insanely busy, and know for sure you will not have time to unpack everything in the first couple of days we have a suggestion for you! Pack everything you know that you will need within the first week into clear plastic totes! By doing this you wi...
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Street Fest - Comedy Cares

Just a couple of weeks ago AMJ Campbell had the pleasure of sponsoring the Comedy Cares Program with the Street Performers Festival in Edmonton. To say that it was a humbling experience would not be enough! The Comedy Cares program reaches out to groups of people that would not typically have the chance to see any Street Performers - they bring the show to you! And in this case, they brought the show to the Stollery Children's Hospital right here in Edmonton. It was wonderful to see the joy and ...
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April 2016

Posting your move details on Social Media

With such a high amount of information being shared over social media platforms these days, it is typical for us to want to share our upcoming moves with our friends and acquaintances over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (and other platforms just like it) as well! However, sharing specific details can be dangerous.The information we post online is public owned from that point forward, anyone is able to look it up and obtain any amount of information they could ever want. But, this doesn’t mean you...
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Tips for a stress free move.

Check out below for a couple of tips that can help your upcoming move go a smoothly as possible! 1. Plan ahead and start a list of all the things you know you will need to do like:        - call a professional mover (we suggest calling AMJ Campbell at 780-453-6946!)       - packing supplies, you’ll need lots of boxes, tape and packing paper       - if you have pets, figure out where they will be able to stay during move day2. Start packing early, begin with the items you know you will not need!...
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Transporting your Vehicle

Are you moving, but not sure how to transport your vehicle along with you? Here are a couple tips to help organize transport:       Have a date in mind for when you plan to move. A lot of companies require the timeframe of moving in order to estimate the cost of transport properly. Typically companies will be more than happy to work around your timeline, but give as much notice as possible when planning your move.       Research car moving companies. Just like so many service companies out there...
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